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Super mario fanfiction longest

super mario fanfiction longest

Ever since his introduction to the world in Donkey Kong back inMario or "Jumpman" back then has charmed generation after generation of gamers with his quirky attitude and his games' family-friendly appeal. To date, there are dozens of games donning the Super Mario namesake while the plumber and his friends have appeared in literally hundreds of games since the dawn of Nintendo. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the story: Mario has to save his girlfriend Princess Peach from Bowser, King of the Koopa.

Sometimes his brother Luigi, his friend Toad, and his dinosaur Yoshi tag along. Then there are the spinoff games that have Mario and company doing everything from playing tennis to racing karts to competing in the Olympic games!

Naturally, a character that appears in so many titles yet has so little backstory, is going to generate some wild fan theories. Though most of them are fairly innocent, some fans take things just a little too far and make up elaborately dark stories to go with the Mario Brothers.

This is one of the more popular theories floating around in the Super Mario universe. It's no secret that Mario and Luigi straight-up smash Bowser's minions into the ground, presumably killing them. They stomp defenseless turtles out of their shells and then use their enemy's former home to murder all of their friends. But of course, these are the bad guys, so they deserve it. But it's not just the villains who feel the wrath of the plumbers' rampage.

In the manual for the original Super Mario Bros. That's right, every time you break a block, you're killing an innocent civilian. Every time you eat a mushroom, you're consuming the flesh of one of Toad's brethren. Shame on you! Fans will recall that Mario first appeared as "Jumpman" in the Donkey Kong arcade game.

In the second entry of the series, Donkey Kong Jr.

super mario fanfiction longest

At the end of the game Jumpman is knocked off of the scaffolding and plummets to his death. This led fans to create a dark theory that Mario died in the events of this game, and everything we've seen since has been purgatory. Think about it: Mario's entire persona changed.

He got a different girlfriend. He lives in a land of magic and talking mushrooms. The most telling sign, however, is the fact that Mario is forced to relive his worst nightmare having his beautiful girlfriend kidnapped and fighting through a gauntlet to save her every few years.

Sounds like hell to us! Waluigi is Waluigi is so goofy and downright bizarre that fans have developed some sort of weird love for him. Despite his growing popularity, the character has yet to appear in any of the main Mario games and is limited just to the spinoffs like Mario Kart and Mario Strikers. One theory suggests that this is because Shigeru Miyamoto, the creative genius behind most of Nintendo's beloved characters, despised Waluigi.

Miyamoto has teased adding a third brother to the franchise, though unenthusiastically. Some have speculated that this is because he was originally intended to be Mario and Luigi's brother, but Miyamoto hated the idea so much that he made the character so grotesque that Nintendo wouldn't ever use him as a protagonist. This one may be somewhat of a low-hanging fruit, but we're going there anyway!

The entire power-up system of the Mario franchise is magic mushrooms.To put that number into context: most of the longest novels ever only have a little over a million words in them.

And this fan-fiction has nearly three times as many words as that. Maybe you've heard of it? It's been around sinceafter all. Subspace follows OC Chris and the Pokemon Lucario, who "embark on a quest to stop the Subspace Emissary from taking over all the worlds. So the fan fic is long. But what of the quality? I'll let you decide; here's a small excerpt from an update on July 3rd of this year:.

The flying fist about to crash and crush Chris's head against the invisible wall made his body react, diving to the left. The Lucario Noise struck the wall with its fist, and it miraculously didn't break. Breathing hard, Chris's eyes froze on the feral Noise still with its fist resting on the wall.

When the red, empty eyes stared down at the World Traveler, he screamed, scrambled up to his feet, and ran south as he heard the monster growling with anger, its clawed hands glowing with a purple aura. Where the hell should I run to?!

I can't outrun him! If they based this Noise on Lucario completely, wouldn't that mean he's inhumanly strong?! Yelping, Chris reared back, but the monster slapped him hard on his face, sending the teen to the right side where he crashed hard against the wall.

Chris was nearly fazed by the slap and the crash as he slid down to the concrete, his Black Mage hat falling to the side. He knew the monster was going easy on him, but it didn't look like that anymore once he heard the Noise growl a war cry and slamming its clawed feet as it made its way to him.

His mind racing with fleeting thoughts, Chris looked around and then found the entrance of the music store.

The Secret Aquarium

Though a small touch of his head revealed that a bleeding bruise was somewhere in his hair, Chris shivered with fear and made a run for it inside the store.

It was unknown to him if it was possible to seek shelter inside a building with a Reaper decal, but there were no other options.

Caring for his life over anybody else's, Chris took the decision to enter the store, its double doors opening automatically at his feet's request.

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Briefly, a cold but strong hand grabbed his neck collar, but when he made it inside the store, the dark hand lost its grip when it reached the boundary of the decal's shield, an invisible wall pushing it back. When Chris noticed that the stomping feet seized their chase, he looked behind and saw the fully-angered look of his predator. The Aura Hunter growled with power to the sky, demanding his prey to come on outside. The terrifying sight made Chris feel very sick.It stars the OC Chris and Lucario, who embark on a quest to stop the Subspace Emissary from taking over all the worlds.

Soon, the Brawl cast is slowly gathered and the spotlight switches over to one or two focus characters for each arc, so that you forget there's an OC running around that takes a lot of attention. Among the Smash Bros. As the work implies many times throughout, it shares the Central Theme of its predecessor The Bond Of Aura : solitude is a horrible feeling, but the people you spend time with are there to help you out. At 4, words as of Junewhich is the last time it's been updated, the story has become one of the largest works of fan fiction ever, and for a time was the longest single work of fiction ever writtensparking attention from many media outlets.

As of Januaryanother fan fiction, Ambience: A Fleet Symphonyhas surpassed it, with 4, words. Calling it a Door Stopper is probably an understatement. Has a Recap page in desperate need of an update. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. It took me like a year to get you to like me!

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Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?Story Author Community Forum.

LET'S READ SOME FEELS: Not a Monster - A Super Mario Story by Cyndi

Then we shall RP about her ressurection. Now, come in and relive amazing moments, and create new ones with OCs and Canons alike! All are welcome to join in on the fun! Super Mario Questions 16 Do you have questions about the Mario universe? Ask them here! English - Topics: 2 - Since: - Nr I may have created this forum, but I will not be the owner. HyperInuyasha will be the moderator of this Role-Playing game. The story is See for yourself!

Click here on this link above!

Super Mario Fanfiction: Ruined

Just sign up as which character you want to be, and when everyone's picked out which spot to have, we'll all be in the parody But it doesn't have to follow the plot exactly! English - Topics: 2 - Since: - Polka Pixl. Who like Boo and should he be paired or not? English - Topics: 1 - Since: - Black racoon.

NEW mario 7 Here you can make your own mario ideas, your own new mario character good or bad guys human or koopa or whatever you want.! Games you wish were to be made! Fanfics you think would be great to read! Mario Characters Creation: The Conspiracies 6 Has anyone wondered what really inspired the lovable or hatable characters in Mario games?

Ever thought of those inspirations? Well, if so, this is the right place to be. English - Topics: 2 - Since: - Vanessa Osbourne. Video Game Rant Central 6 We know the games and we love the games. But at the same time, it's freaking retarded!

What Mario games would you like to see released? Do NOT include anything that has already been announced to be released. English - Topics: 3 - Since: - MarioLuigi Liked the game? Then you'll probably enjoy this roleplay. Use a canon character or an original please list in character profile and roleplay. Super Mario Truth or Dare! If your truth or dane is not in like the next chapter after you send it in, don't freak out it will be there. English - Topics: 2 - Since: - DreamingAway Super Paper Mario 4 This is a great game!Being a long-running and popular franchise, there have been many rumors, misconceptions, and urban legends regarding fictional elements, production history, and gameplay elements within the Mario franchise.

Over the years several purported explanations for the origin of Donkey Kong 's name have surfaced. The popular myth states that the original game was meant to be titled "Monkey Kong", but was called "Donkey Kong" due to either a mistranslation [1] or typo [2] [3].

Monkey and donkey are, first, two completely different words in Japanese, so it is unlikely to be a translation error, and while typos resulting in popular names do exist, the myth's multiple variations make this explanation dubious at best. Another explanation states that donkey was used to avoid copyright issues with King Kong [4]even though Nintendo was sued by Universal Studios in for this exact reason.

However, Shigeru Miyamoto himself has claimed numerous times that he found the name from a Japanese-English dictionary when looking for something "stubborn" or "stupid". While "donkey" is not usually considered to be an adjective or a synonym of those terms, the animals themselves are often associated with those traits.

As the story goes, Rare found that a memory leak occurred after a short amount of playtime, and unable to pinpoint the issue shortly before release, bundled the Expansion Pak as a quick fix, a move that had a negative impact on the game's profits.

The story was immediately picked up by several video game news website [8] and was stated as is on Mariowiki's own Donkey Kong 64 page. Donkey Kong 64 developer Mark Stevenson would deny the claim in an interview, stating that the game's developers were mandated by Rare's management early in development to support the Expansion Pak for advanced graphical effects with the game's dynamic lightning implementation being specifically cited as a feature that made use of the Expansion Pak in another interview [9] [10].

Stevenson went on to add that while Donkey Kong 64 did face a game-breaking bug during development, it was resolved and only affected one revisions of the Nintendo 64 hardware, and that the two stories likely got conflated along the way [10].

Further supporting Mark Stevenson statement's is that a breakdown of Donkey Kong 64 's memory map shows that the large amount of memory pointers pointing to the Expansion Pak's portion of the RAM and the way the data is allocated to the memory would be very unlikely had the Expansion Pak been a last-minute addition as the story suggests [11].

It is sometimes believed that due to Mario initially being referred to as "Jumpman" in the arcade version of Donkey Kong that he was not given the name of "Mario" until Donkey Kong Jr.

This is true in Japan, where the name Mario was not adopted right away. However, while the name Jumpman was common in English materials—as seen in the operation manual itself having three instances of Jumpman being in reference to the life countermarquee card which was only present on certain cabinetsinstruction pageand instruction banner — story flyers Media:Donkeykongflier.

Hiroji Kiyotakedirector and graphic designer for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coinsis the creator of Wario, as stated by multiple participants in a interview with the magazine Nintendo Dream [12] ; he is also credited as the original designer of Wario throughout the WarioWare series. Rumors have questioned the Super Mushroom's origin, and it has been suggested that they are inspired by real-life drugs.

super mario fanfiction longest

However, according to former Nintendo of America employee Dayvv Brooks, Larry is named after a musician like the rest of his siblings: in this case, Larry Mullen, Jr. However, Brooks contradicted this in a December interview with gaming website Kotaku, stating that Larry's name was chosen because "he looked like a Larry" and that he wasn't named after anyone in particular [19].

With the introduction of Luigi as Mario's brother, the pair began to be collectively referred to as the Mario brothers. Because of the title, many have been led to believe that Mario and Luigi's last names are actually "Mario".

Roof bracing

This was further pushed by The Super Mario Bros. Hollywood film released inboth of which used "Mario" as the brothers' surname. Charles MartinetMario's current voice actor, has also given this as his response when asked about Mario's last name. For many years, various Nintendo employees and representatives, including series creator Shigeru Miyamotohave stated that Mario and Luigi do not have a definite last name.

Variants of this rumor claim that the game became or was otherwise the inspiration for Super Mario As SnesCentral elaborates, there is no actual proof that such a game was in development which would have been unlikely due to the timetable of Super Mario 64' s developmentand claims of its existence seem to originate from IGN misinterpreting an interview in the January issue of Nintendo Powerwhere Shigeru Miyamoto stated he got the idea of developing a 3D Mario platformer without specifying platform while developing Star Foxa game released on the SNES that used the Super FX chip to display full 3D graphics.

The player would use the stylus to control Mario, and both brothers were shown in the game's galaxies simultaneously, implying a co-op mode. When asked about this, Nintendo stated that they do not comment on rumors.

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It was shown to belong to Pablo Belmonte, who had previously created the "Nintendo ON" hoax video in the extended version of the trailer even showed a Nintendo ON planet.

Thus, this rumor has been confirmed false. Gayleading some to suggest that it may be the sneaky work of the cover artist. Yeah, I am, are you?Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 8. Ask him anything you want! However, while they look alike, they certainly don't act alike. But he's not nervous about the game itself.

Fluffy oneshot.

super mario fanfiction longest

The Two Sides of Luigi by saturn95 reviews After returning home, Mario and Peach go missing and Luigi becomes a fugitive on the run after he supposedly kidnapped them.

To clear his name, Luigi must piece together the clues and cross great distances to locate and confront the real culprit. But after suffering from severe depression and anger, is he willing to save the newly engaged couple, even if the world faces Armageddon?

With this gift comes a fresh perspective, and a mission. However, this shift in personas leads to an unbalance between the Mushroom Kingdom, and the Dark Lands. As the turmoil builds will Bowsette's actions save the world, or is she the harbinger of destruction? Number 1! Just like Mario, this is a place to ask me questions!

Follow my rules and ask away!

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My first story. Quit your grifting Do we really need a picture of this! Splatoon 2 Announcement! You're so lucky Platinum trophies still exist Okay, let's all jump in! Bring it, bro! I still make face comics Fascinating, Mr. As it turns out, she's secretly in love with Luigi. Not only is Mario angry and depressed, but he feels deeply betrayed. Even worse, Daisy and Peach are fighting over who should have Luigi.

And Luigi is forced to decide: Should I steal Mario's girl? Or stay with Daisy? To Luigi, feelings matter most, and he doesn't think Mario should suffer alone. Luigi's vacation to the luxury hotel, the Last Resort, goes from dreamy to a nightmare as King Boo strikes back! Joined by Daisy and his new 'friend' Gooigi, Luigi is hesitantly ready to ghostbust one more time. Unrelated to TGN's story. Cover image by me. Desert Box by tiewewuzdabomb Perhaps one should look more cautiously at a box when 1 is in the desert.

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They use the powers of the Wish Stone to try to get their wishes. Super Mario Sunshine: A Sprite of Light by mariobroultimate reviews To get away from the wintery Mushroom Kingdom, the Mario Bros, along with Peach, and some new friends go on vacation to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino.Template:Infobox Yahoo! Here we go! Once Baby Luigi spilled pasta all over Mario.

That's why he likes pasta. His addiction to it has made him slightly overweight. The Wario Bros and Mario Bros met, which is why they hate each other.

Meet The College Junior Behind The Longest Fan Fiction Ever

Mario saves Princess Peach a lot. He is fairly old, as he was alive when Cranky Kong was rampaging. He is the younger brother of Luigi. Mario still wears the same clothes as he used to when he was a baby. He doesn't look very different either except for his black mustache.

He has blue eyes and brown hair. In Mario's AdventureMario and Luigi both have black hair. In the even older game Super Mario Bros 2.

Super Mario Odyssey: Story and Ending Summary (Spoilers)

But all in all, Mario hasn't changed much in nearly three decades. But his fighting style has indeed changed. Mario's fighting abilities were punching and kicking.

But now, his abilities are like Star spinsor other powers that can be granted. His first appearance still has his classic hat, but now gives him a red t-shirt with a coin on it, blue overalls, brown sneakers, and white golf gloves. He keeps his standard hat, gloves, overalls and shoes. His red shirt now has short sleeves instead of long. Mario went to the sewers of New York to plumb with his brother Luigi. Mario quickly fell unconcious, and dreamed he went to Subcon.

After traveling through the different worlds, the gang finally made it to the sky where Wart's foretress was located. They then engaged in battle with the Tyrant Wart. In the middle of the fight, Mario notices a nearby crop of vegetables.

Mario gets an idea and tells his friends the plan.

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