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Filmora 9 chroma key

The Chroma Key effect is one of the most popular effects today, largely because it allows filmmakers to create dreamlike worlds that have never been seen before on the big screen. The rapid development of consumer-level video editing software has enabled non-professional video editors to use Chroma Key effect in their videos, which means that producing mind-blowing green screen effects no longer requires you to have enormous production budgets.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 features a Chroma Key effect, and in this article, we will show you how to use this effect in your projects. Let's have a look at the steps you need to take if you would like to create a green screen video. Looking for some free video editing software to composite green screen videos?

The steps may vary if you are using a different version of Corel VideoStudio.

Chroma Key Tutorial: How to Use Green Screen in Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

The production of green screen videos requires you to have actual footage of actors or objects in front of a green or a blue screen. Creating green screen videos without such footage is impossible. Therefore you must record all the video clips you will need in the post-production at first and then start the process of creating a green screen video.

Downloading green screen footage from one of the stock footage websites is also a possibility if you don't have the means to record green screen footage.

filmora 9 chroma key

Green screen videos consist of two different video clips, a background video that contains the location to which you'd like to place objects or actors in your video and green screen footage that contains the on-screen movement of objects or actors. Click on the 'Folder' icon to start browsing your hard-disc, and locate the video clips you want to import into the Corel VideoStudio Pro X Select the video clips and click 'OK'.

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You'll be able to see your clips in the editor's "Media Library', simply drag the background video to the first video track on the timeline, and then place the green screen video clip onto the overlay track directly under it. Adjust the duration of the superimposed green screen video clip by dragging its ends and also make sure that the overlaying clip is placed at the exact position where you want the green screen effect to begin.

Once you've positioned video clips in accordance with your demands, you can either click on the 'Effects' panel and then drop the 'Chroma Key' effect on the green screen clip to apply it, or you can select the overlaying clip and click on the 'Open Options' panel. Applying the Chroma Key effect will remove a specific color like green or blue parts of the superimposed video.

Click the eye drop tool to select the green color as the above screenshot shows, and the background video will become visible. Proceed to fine-tune the 'Chroma Key' settings such as 'Similarity' and adjust the on-screen position of the superimposed elements by clicking on 'Alignment' and selecting one of the featured options.

If you would like to change the size of the overlaying clip, simply drag the corners of the rectangle displayed on the preview screen until you find the perfect size. You can also adjust the Gamma settings to change the image contrast as well. You may also like: How to Blending Video Clips. Tinkering with 'Chroma Key' options may take some time because removing all traces of green background as well smoothening the object's borders requires precision.

Afterward, you'll need to save all the changes you've made, and in order to do so, you need to click on the 'File' menu and then select 'Save' or 'Save as' option. Click on the 'Computer' icon to select the video file format and hit 'Start' to commence the rendering process.

Aspiring video editors who would like to create green-screen videos with ease should try using Wondershare Filmora9 video editing software. The Wondershare's software enables its users to create the green screen effect in just a few simple steps. If you would like to create a green screen video with Filmora9, you need to double-click on the superimposed video clip, and then click on the Chroma Key button once the video editing panel appears on the screen.

You can then adjust the shadows, border, flip or rotate the clip.Wondershare Filmora Crack is a useful video editing tool. This tool permits you to create tiny films from your computer. In addition, you can also add subtitles to this tool.

More, select from a large number of overlays, that helps you to browse the library of free songs and sound effects. However, you can also edit your videos in different formats. These are included crop, trim, merge clips, and many others. You can also share the final products in various formats.

This tool is very simple to use every one. It also works the same for beginners and professionals alike. Wondershare Filmora is a very powerful editing tool. It is the most amazing one-stop-shop tool. This tool also provides you the drag and drop facility.

More, this tool is popular among millions of users. This tool also provides you a unique way to test the waters and try before you buy. In addition, it is a lightweight tool. It enables the users to edit your story according to your needs. This tool is most useful for your music tracks. It permits you to incorporate over visual effects. It also provides you a user-friendly interface.

filmora 9 chroma key

The speed of this tool is also amazing. You can also control its audio and video speed according to your needs. However, you can also audio and video in reverse. You can also edit the background of your video. The amazing facility of this tool is recording the voice. Further, you can also composite chroma keying videos as you like. After editing the videos, you can also share them with your friends on different social accounts. Wondershare Filmora Licence Key also has 15 different colors of video presets and samples.

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You can also download this tool from the official website. This tool also has a lot of tons and transitions. You can also remove the background noise just a single click. By using this tool, you can adjust brightness, saturation, and white balance in a unique way.

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After editing, you can also save it for later use. You can also upload it to YouTube and Vimeo in a direct way. This tool is useful for different formats. This tool also improves your workflow. This tool also provides you the graceful templates. This is the most trustworthy tool lot of users.

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There are also other graceful features of this tool. It is the basic need of everyone.Get Started. Basic Editing. Add Effects. Advanced Editing. Action Cam Editing. Filmstock Guide. Remove Watermark. Filmora9 Manual PDF. Green Screen effect is an advanced feature of Overlays. It makes a color range in the top layer of two overlay clips transparent, therefore the background video clip or image behind the top layer could show through.

It's a special tool used during video making process so as to superimpose subjects onto an unlimited number of different virtual backgrounds, allowing you to make some really cool shots like creating a superhero flying through the sky. You can easily achieve this with the help of Filmora9 by using some green screen video footage clips or creating a pure green background when shooting your video footage.

Please refer to this detailed guide on how to create video overlays with Filmora9. System Requirements. What's New. Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro. Basic Video Tutorial Simple video tutorials to get you started. Filmstock Guide Access to Filmstock effects store. Remove Watermark Remove Watermark. FAQ Answers to common questions.Getting Started. Basic Editing Tips for Mac. Add Video Effects. Advanced Editing Tips for Mac. Action Cam Video Editing.

Save and Share. Filmstock guide for mac. Remove Watermark for Mac. Filmora9 Manual PDF. You can use the Green Screen Chroma Key tool to make a color range in a video clip or image in a higher track on your timeline transparent, so the video clip or image underneath it can be seen in place of that color range. Green Screen works best if you have a solid colored background to make transparent, preferably a color the subjects in the video are not also wearing.

The most popular choice is bright green. Turning on Alpha Channel will cause your image to become black and white — everything that is black will be transparent in your final video, and everything that is white will remain solid.

If there are little spots of white or grey where there should only be black, you can continue making adjustments with the sliders until the spots are gone. The same goes for spots of black or grey where there should be white. System Requirements.

What's New. Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro. Basic Video Tutorial Simple video tutorials to get you started. Save and Share Save and Share. Filmstock guide for mac Filmstock Effects for Mac. Remove Watermark for Mac Remove Watermark.There are hardly any tutorials available on the internet on VFX editing and green screen editing related to filmora.

The effect is one of the best transition effects in Filmora 9 that we can use. Filmora green screen is also called a chroma key effect, both are the same. If you are looking to learn about VFX editing in filmora 9 then you are in the right place. You might have seen many green screen style videos and various VFX edits. Here in this video, we try to do some filmora green screen editing and some Hollywood style VFX editing in filmora 9. In this VFX editing tutorial, we have used various green screen videos and places them over another main video and try to create a visual effect.

These are similar types of visual effects as seen in Jurassic Park. Obviously not that level of VFX but we were able to create some basic green screen chroma key and VFX edits in filmora.

We try to make the complete utilisation of the tool and bring the best out of the tool. We try to expand the capability of the tool and recreate effects that are created in premiere pro. Below are the video resources that are used in the video. You can click on the link below and access the resources.

Kindly make sure before using the video files that the file are licensed under the creative common 0. We use Pixabay and Pexels for our stock video needs. Green Screen videos. Video 1 Video 2. The only thing you need is Filmora video editing software. The Filmora software by Wondershare is a simple yet powerful video editing tool. You can get the best out of these tutorials on Filmora and take your video editing to the next level.

More Tutorial: How to create a shake effect in filmora. We will be making it easier for you to create awesome videos with great effects and transitions. We are just trying to make editing easy and fun. We promise to keep you updated with new Video editing effects, transitions, and tricks using Filmora. Creators Theory is your one-stop place to find the best filmora tutorials and the best place to learn video editing.

Following our channels, you will grow from a beginner video editor to pro. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Download Filmora. Related Posts. About The Author Creators Theory Creators Theory is your one-stop place to find the best filmora tutorials and the best place to learn video editing.

filmora 9 chroma key

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Filmora green screen and VFX editing Video guide.Chroma Key is a powerful feature of Wondershare Filmora9 and a great technique to swap the background of a particular video with another color or image.

Alternatively, called the Blue Screen or the Green Screen, the functionalities of chroma key are myriad, and each promises plenty of benefits. If you have not tried it out yet, then you have missed out on superb effects that you could have ever imagined. To put it simply, a Chroma is a specific color, which can either be blue or green. The latter finds application in many industries.

In the film industry, for instance, while shooting Hollywood movies, the crew often utilizes the visual effects of Chroma Key to alter the indoor studio into a world of their own. Another instance where the application of Chroma Key is felt the greatest is in News Media. They often cast their reporter against a green screen and adjust the backdrop accordingly with desired effects.

Apparently, the color difference is the only thing to spot in the Green and Blue screen.


But, in reality, there are stark dissimilarities between the two. As discussed earlier in the introductory part, the Green screen is rampant in movies and news reporting than Blue Screen. There are times when you will spot flecks of green color onto a subject you are shooting on a video camera.

This is more commonly witnessed when the person stands close to the screen. The only way to prevent it is by maintaining adequate distance between the green screen and the actor.

However, thanks to the Chroma Key tool in Filmora9!

Filmora9 User Guide for Mac

Much of it is alleviated automatically. Despite the commonality of Green Screen, Blue Screen hardly loses its significance. For instance, when the person you are filming wears a green tee against a green backdrop then the individual camouflages and fails to achieve the desired Chroma Key effect. In such a situation, a Blue Screen fits the scene more than its Green counterpart.

It brings us good and bad lighting, where a well-lit screen is essential for the Chroma Key to work its charm. On putting up a crease-free Green Screen with no shadows falling across it, you can achieve better footage.

Chroma key in FILMORA 9

However, Blue Screens hardly fare well in terms of luminosity, which makes the prior a desirable option to shoot large scenes on screen. Using Chroma key on Filmora9 and converting a Green Screen to an impressive backdrop is a piece of cake. Then, Drag and Drop them to the first and second track, respectively. You will see a window pop up on the screen.

Take your cursor to the Video tab and check on the option Chroma Key to enable it. On successfully doing so, you will spot tools like OffsetToleranceEdge Thickness, and Edge Feather to tweak the edges of your subject. These are powered with the following functionalities:. This is how you can alter the borders, transparency, and shadows.

And, in the end, achieve a good cut-out subject against a backdrop of your choice, by omitting the green screen. However, if the backdrop is colored in blue, all you have to do is click on the eyedropper, select the brightest portion of the blue screen and click on it to change the backdrop to an engaging one. What if the green screen partially covers the frame? Then, as an editor, you will have to scroll down to Effectsspot Crop, and apply the effect to your clip. Adjustment of the crop necessitates one to double-click on the clip to disclose the beautiful backdrop.

A small word of advice would be to surround your subject with a Green Screen for an optimal result.Workspaces and Options. Editing Workflows.

How to Crack Wondershare Filmora9 [100% Genuine] – Subtechz

Video Effects. Saving and Exporting. Removal of different elements of video or an image, generally done by recognizing a specific color, is referred to as Keying. When it comes to Keying the layers of your image or video, FilmoraPro is packed with several different effects.

In order to access the Keying feature, you need to:. This effect can Prove to be quite essential as when you make use of Keying over a video, a pixellated stepping may surface over the edges of the Key. In such a case, make use of Chroma UV Blur just before the Key to smooth or blur out the edges of it in both horizontal and vertical directions simultaneously. You can tap on View Matte option to simultaneously preview the changes occurring while you drag the MinMax and Gamma sliders.

Demult helps you to instantly develop an embedded alpha channel by keying out the background clip captured on black from the stock footage. Average RGB : In order to opt for Average RGB, the typical approach required is to add all the Red, Green and Blue values respectively, then divide each of the resulting values with the number of pixels.

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The final resulting values will be the R G B components of the final color. You can tap on View Matt e option to quickly check alpha channel, so you can decide which area needs to be adjusted.

filmora 9 chroma key

In order to key out a layer on the basis of the brightness of layer, this key will certainly be of help. For instance, you can make use of this key to replace the Sky in a video.

And for that, Matte enhancement is specifically built to serve the purpose. Just drag the slider to adjust brightness and contrase. With the help of this enhancement, you can crush blacks to remove the remaining regions from a keyed area. While by fixing the whites will help you with filling up of transparent regions in your subject.

Make use of this effect when you want to gradually rule out the edges of an alpha channel of a layer by dragging the Choke slider. This enhancement is of much help in order to tidy up your composite.

There are 3 different options available for your use:. Remove Color Matting enhancement is designed to deplete the dark regions from the stock footage over the composite element. Note: To make the best out of this enhancement, try using it after compositing the stock via the channel swapper. Even after the Green screen or Blue screen has been removed, you still can sometime experience a slight color fringing out from the Key edges.

This is where you need Spill Removal to deplete or rule out such color fringing. Tech Specs.

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